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    STUDIO UNSEENS is a homeware and lifestyle label that is part of a movement supporting slow craft. A home for soul products, where traditional craftsmanship meets modern design. Slowly crafted by the artist, hunted by the curious.


    At STUDIO UNSEENS we take a moment to slow down. In an era of fast production, our aim is to develop consciously made products by keeping the impact on people and the environment in mind. Here we put the maker first. With a fascination for cultures and craft, we explore the globe to seek the finest craft, reflecting heritage and tradition. We collaborate with skilful artisans, blending traditional skills with modern design. At UNSEENS, we let you take a look into the maker’s STUDIO, showing you the process behind the product.

    The collection is an eclectic mix of artisan-made goods. Sustainable products that honour the skills, techniques and time of the maker. Products with a story.


    Empower artisans

    STUDIO UNSEENS offers artisan-made products with a soul. It is a cultural trip through regions with a strong heritage in craftsmanship. We partner with passionate artisans. With the aim of preserving craft, we bring unique local businesses to an international market.


    You will find co-designed and curated products, produced with time-honoured techniques. We aim to establish a long-lasting collaboration with each artisan by blending traditional skills with modern design. Look out for some vintage items as well.